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Eve Taylor 

Eve Taylor is a highly professional skin care range which  is naturally safe and effective, containing no mineral oil,  alcohol or artificial fragrance and only delivers the best of  plant essences to provide your skin with the consideration and benefits it needs. The body care range and treatments offered give you the full body experience to deeply relax the body and mind. Exfoliatring, nourishing and reviving your skin and body needs.

Purifying Back Treatment - £40.00

A 60 minute Back treatment to provide you with  a detoxing  effect. This back treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, massage, purify and hydrate your back using a detoxifying seaweed mud mask, improving your skin texture and circulation, and will give your back a clearer and brighter appearance. Perfect for congested, breakout prone and acne skin.

Anti Stress Back Treatment - £40.00

A 60 minute treatment to provide you with a deeply relaxing effect. This back treatment will cleanse, exfoliate, massage, hydrate and nourish your skin. Using essential oils and a thermal body mask, this treatment will allow you to drift away on an aromatic journey leaving you soothed and refreshed. 

Legs, Bum and Tum Detox treatment - £40.00

A 60 minute treatment to detoxify the build of cellulite and body toxins. This treatment will flush and cleanse the lazy areas of the body. Combining pure essential oils, a detoxifying body mask and massage techniques, your skin will feel smoother, fresher and more vibrant.

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