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Eve Taylor Facials

Eve Taylor is a highly professional skin care range which  is naturally safe and effective, containing no mineral oil,  alcohol or artificial fragrance and is paraban free.  Therefore this product is highly recommended for those  clients with skin allergy concerns. Eve Taylor products deliver the best of plant essences to provide your skin  with the consideration and benefits it needs.

All facials include a thorough consultation to ensure your  skin receives the correct products and treatment that it  needs.

Express Prescriptive Facial - £23.00

The express prescriptive facial is the perfect mini treatment for time compressed clients, for those new to Eve Taylor or those who have not experienced a facial before. This 30 minute facial is a good 'pick-me-up' for all  skin types and conditions as products used will be appropriate to your skins needs.

Essential Prescriptive Facial - £33.00

The essential prescriptive facial  is the solution for clients who wish to see skin improvements whilst offering a sense of wellbeing and relaxation with aromatherapy. This 60 minute facial will suit any skin type and condition as products used will be appropriate to your skins needs.

Intensive Prescriptive Facial - £43.00

The intense prescriptive facial gives enhanced results with professional use only formulations. The extended treatment time allows for a more targeted approach using a wider selection of products and techniques for visible effects. This deeply relaxing specialised facial uses a peel off rubber masque to customise and achieve intensive results. This 75 minute facial will suit any skin type and condition as products used will be appropriate to suit your skins needs. 

Eye Bright Treatment - £18.00

This highly effective eye treatment conditions and refines the eye area. Using a rubber peel off eye masque designed specifically to  smooth wrinkles and reduce puffiness. The mask is  enriched with marine collagen and amino acids which  will firm, revitalize, smooth and hydrate the eye contour  area. This 30 minute treatment will leave you smooth, brightened and revitalised.

Lip Smooth Treatment - £18.00

This effective lip treatment ensures your lips are kissable and hydrated. Using a rubber peel off lip masque designed specifially to soften,  moisturise and reduce fine lines. The mask is enriched  with marine collagen and chitosan which will hydrate,  rebalance and reduce inflammation around the lip  contour area. This 30 minute treatment will leave your lips silky soft and nourished.

Add the lip or eye treatment to any of the facials for an

additional charge of £14.00

Book a course of 3 Intensive Prescriptive Facials and receive a 10%  discount

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