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Gel nail polish  is taking the  beauty industry by storm. It applies like a polish but  performs like a gel, that will not peel ,chip or crack for  upto 3 weeks, whilst maintaining a high shine. Gel polish uses  a thin application giving a completely natural look whilst  protecting and nourishing the natural nail beneath.  Gel polish is available in a wide variety of colours, ranging  from bright and bold reds and pinks to a classic neutral  or french look. 

Manicure with gel polish - £25.00 

Luxury Manicure with gel Polish - £35.00

Pedicure with gel polish - £25.00

Luxury Pedicure with Gel Polish - £37.00

Soak off and nourish - £8.00

Soak off is FREE! when a new polish is re-applied

Infills hands or feet - £15.00

Single nail repair - £3.00


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